Around the World – Ireland: Warning Against Using Rice Milk for Infants and Young Children

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) today reiterates its advice that infants and young children up to 4.5 years old should not consume rice milk as substitutes for cows’ milk, breast milk or infant formula. The FSAI previously provided warnings on the dangers of such products due to findings that indicated that there are low levels of inorganic arsenic found in rice milk. It has come to the FSAI’s attention that a rice-based infant and follow-on formula, Prémibio Prémiriz is available to buy online via a website. Such infant formulas are not legally permitted to be sold on the European market, as they do not meet the legal compositional and nutritional requirements for infants. The FSAI is in contact with authorities in the UK and other Member States to discontinue the sale of this product in Europe from this website. The FSAI is contacting the relevant hospitals and public health professionals to inform them of these online sales.