Around the World: ENVIROSCORE an environmental label for food and beverages

The scientific and technological center (AZTI) and the University of Leuven have developed “ENVIROSCORE”, an environmental labeling system that makes it possible to recognize the degree of environmental sustainability of food and beverages at the point of sale.
ENVIROSCORE allows companies to measure and communicate the environmental impact of their products in a simple way and makes it easier for consumers to choose more sustainable products. The label is based on the Environmental Product Footprint methodology, approved by the European Commission, and has undergone a rigorous validation process before being launched.

Around the World – Spain: Migratory lobster as human food: how it should be labeled

The labeling of food products containing the frozen, dried and powdered forms of Acheta domesticus (domestic cricket), as explained by José María Ferrer, head of food law at the Centro Tecnológico Industria Agroalimentaria (AINIA in Spanish) Ainia, “must carry a statement indicating that this ingredient may cause reactions to consumers with known allergies to crustaceans and molluscs and their products, or to dust mites. This statement shall appear in close proximity to the list of ingredients”.

The Americas – Mexico: Draft Official Mexican Standard PROY-NOM-187-SSA1/SE-2021, Corn and wheat products-Denominations-Dough and dough-derived products

The Draft Mexican Official Standard PROY-NOM-187-SSA1/SE-2021: Maize (corn) and wheat products – Names – Dough and dough-based products – Sanitary specifications – Commercial and health information – Test methods (cancelling Mexican Official Standard NOM-187-SSA1/SCFI-2002: Products and services. Dough, tortillas, tostadas and flour prepared for processing and for the processing plants thereof. Sanitary specifications. Commercial information. Test methods, published on 18 August 2003).