Around the World – Spain: The Royal Decree on food and beverage advertising for minors under 16 will prohibit the use of influencers

The Royal Decree on the regulation of food and beverage advertising aimed at children will prohibit the appearance in commercial communications aimed at children under 16 years of “influencers”, people or characters “of relevance, public notoriety or proximity” with the child audience, whether real or fictional, who, by their career, “are likely to constitute a model or example for minors” as well as mothers or fathers, educators, teachers, professionals of children’s programs, athletes or artists.

The Americas -Panama: Private sector unions request suspension of debate on labeling law

Members of 7 organizations of businessmen and producers of Panama requested the National Assembly to suspend the discussion of Bill 265 “Law of Frontal Labeling of Nutritional Warning”, since Panama as a signatory of the Central American Economic Integration Subsystem (SIECA) is currently participating in the discussion of the Central American Technical Regulations (RTCA) on this matter.

The Americas – Opinions: Food Labels As A Business Opportunity In The Caribbean: Thinking Outside The Package

Author: Daphne Ewing-Chow

Would a front of package food labeling system that indicates whether food items are high in “bad for you” nutrients such as sugar, fat, or sodium result in the mass reformulation of foods? Would it change consumer habits? And if it did, would this be good or bad for business?

Around the World – EU: European Parliament Recommends Adoption of Europe-Wide Food Labels

Last month, the European Parliament adopted a non-binding resolution that calls for a stronger commitment from 27 European Union member states to cancer prevention.

The resolution “asks the [European] Commission and the member states to encourage and help consumers to make informed, healthy and sustainable choices about food products by means of the adoption of a mandatory and harmonized E.U. front-of-pack nutritional label that is developed based on robust and independent scientific evidence.”

Around the World – Portugal: Changes in salt labeling may jeopardize domestic productio

The PAN Parliamentary Group – People-Animals-Nature has submitted an initiative to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Action in order to inquire the position of the Portuguese Government regarding the assessment and possible vote on the file concerning the proposed Regulation (EU) 2018/848, approving the rules on organic production and labeling of organic products, by the European Commission, scheduled for this week.