The Americas – Uruguay: National Bromatological Regulation 8th Edition 2022

Decree 315/994

This Bromatological Regulation consists of 30 chapters. It incorporates the standards already approved in this area in the Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR) and the FAO/WHO Codex Alimentarius in all those cases where there is express text.

The Americas – Colombia: The legal loopholes left by the regulation of cannabis for industrial use

According to Luz Helena Vargas, the first legal loophole has to do with CBD, “because although the authorities gave the green light to the use of THC products, CBD products are much more commercially attractive, a category for which will still be subject to the regulations issued by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection,” she explained.
Second, for now there is no regulation on the microbiological requirements for foods containing this ingredient (plant component, grain and non-psychoactive derivative of cannabis), therefore, “if an application is submitted at this time, it is not possible to start the procedures immediately, you have to wait until the ministry defines the specific requirements that these products must meet,” he said.