Article: Labeling of Genetically Modified (GM) Foods in Peru: Current Dogma and Insights of the Regulatory and Legal Statutes

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected and afflicted human lives and been a transformative catalyst leading to closure of many companies, disrupting mental health, and reducing access to food and exacerbating food insecurity. This presents an opportunity to reflect on and examine genetically modified (GM) foods and their effective legislative regulation for the benefit of consumers. This review presents a detailed analysis of GM foods’ regulation in Peru and the analysis of certain specific cases that show the need for greater regulation of the industry.

Uruguay: Draft Decree repealing the Articles of Chapter 29 of the National Bromatological Regulations – Lactose-free

Draft Decree repealing the Articles of Chapter 29 of the National Bromatological Regulations. The notified text repeals certain Articles of the National Bromatological Regulations and incorporates Section 2 – Lactose-free, low-lactose and reduced-lactose foods into Chapter 32 (“Food for special purposes”) of these Regulations.

Uruguay: Draft Decree amending Chapter 16 (Milk and milk products) of the National Bromatological Regulations

The notified draft Decree amends Chapter 16 of the National Bromatological Regulations related to flavoured milk, milk with added ingredients and milk drinks.

Brazil: MAPA establishes quality and identity requirements for roasted coffee

Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply – MAPA issued SDA Ordinance No. 570, 9 May 2022, which establishes the official standard for classifying roasted coffee, regarding identity and quality requirements, sampling, presentation mode and marking or labelling related to
product classification.

Brazil: Draft regulation that prohibits the production and sale of food products obtained by forced feeding of animals

The Environment Commission (CMA) approved a bill prohibiting the production and commercialization of food products obtained by force-feeding animals – such as foie gras, the name given to duck or goose fatty liver, a typical delicacy of French cuisine. The matter (PL 90/2020) was voted in finality and remains for the analysis of the House of Representatives, if there is no appeal for a vote in the Plenary of the Senate.