The Americas – Costa Rica: New law on the use of hemp for industrial purposes in food and beverages

The President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado, signed the “Law of Cannabis for Medicinal and Therapeutic Use and Hemp for Food and Industrial Use” No. 10,113 after the efforts of the Legislative Assembly to approve the bill in second debate, considering the partial veto issued by the Executive Branch that allowed correcting some inconsistencies in the original text.

One of its objectives is to authorize the production, industrialization and commercialization of hemp for industrial and food use and cannabis for exclusively medicinal and therapeutic purposes, and its derivative products.

The executive has expressed its commitment to have the regulation ready before the end of the current administration.

Article – Ecuador: Public Policies, Traffic Light Signpost Labeling, and Their Implications: The Case of Ecuador

This study analyzes the traffic light signpost labeling that is included in processed foods, through which consumers are informed about added fat, sugar, and salt levels. At the same time, the awareness and use that the public make of this labeling, introduced by the Ecuadorian government as part of their Good Living health program, was also studied. A questionnaire was given to some 419 students from Ambato, Ecuador of both genders and from different economic circumstances. Subsequently, a descriptive analysis of the collected data was carried out, and through inferential statistics, relationships were established between the responses to the questionnaire and the factors identified. The results showed that most people are aware of traffic light signpost labeling at the time of purchase, although some consumers tend to mistakenly associate the indicators (green, yellow, red) with the food-hazard levels of the products. The opinions surveyed demonstrated a vague meaning and usefulness associated with the traffic light system.

The Americas – Argentina: Amendment to the Argentine Food Code on the quality requirements for table salt

By means of Joint Resolution 32/2021, amendments to the Codiga Alimentario Angentino (CAA in Spanish) on the requirements for table salt are incorporated through the modification of articles:

  • 1265: Process of elaboration and quality parameters.
  • 1266: Denomination according to granulometry.
  • 1272: Iodine content and permitted food additives.

Salt intended for industrial use, food or otherwise, is excluded from the above obligation and in such cases the legend “Industrial use” must be entered.

  • 1275: Use of packaging and labeling.

The Americas – Argentina: ANMAT modifies tariffs for food products, dietary supplements and food for specific medical purposes

The National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT in Spanish) publishes Provision 1644/2022, on the modification of the amounts of the tariffs for the procedures for food products, dietary supplements, food for specific medical purposes, establishments, packaging, import / export, laboratory analysis, authentications and federal network of laboratories.

The Americas – Argentina: ANMAT banned two stevia sweeteners

The National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT in Spanish) banned the manufacture and marketing of two stevia sweeteners throughout the country and online sales platforms for considering them “illegal”.
According to Provision 1636/2022 published today in the Official Gazette, these are “Stevia, Natural Sweetener, Eco Group, Endulzando La Vida, Granulated Presentation” and “Stevia, Endulzando la vida, powder presentation.”