The Americas – Argentina: ANMAT bans the sale of food called salt based on crickets

The National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT in Spanish), through Provision 2675/2022, banned the sale of a condiment used in Mexican cuisine throughout the country. It is a salt made from crickets of the brand Chapulines (crickets) whose label contains the following information: “Net weight 60 g, expiration 10 JUN 2022, Elaborated by Chapulines, City of Buenos Aires – CP 1425, Argentine Industry”.
The decision was taken after verifying that the product lacked sanitary registrations, resulting in a falsely labeled product and, consequently, illegal.
In Argentina, insects are not considered by the Argentine Food Code. But a group of researchers from Conicet and the Food Safety Network published last year a report on the nutritional profile of crickets for human consumption, which once approved by the National Food Institute (INAL in Spanish) would open the way for the development of the edible insects sector in the country.