Peru – Bill prohibiting food advertising with octagons aimed at minors would go against freedom of enterprise

For Jaime Dupuy, manager of legal and regulatory affairs of ComexPerú, any initiative in favor of taking care of the health of minors is positive. However, he warned that this regulation is unconstitutional, as it is disproportionate in that it prevents the transmission of advertising of all types of products with high sodium or fat content that should be consumed in moderation, such as milk or butter, when these cannot be considered junk food.

“Any provision that restricts advertising itself is an affectation to the freedom of enterprise, this principle considers all acts that help the commercialization of the products that the company develops. Advertising is included. Currently there are already restrictions due to health issues, for example for alcoholic beverages and cigarettes, but we cannot equate food in general, such as milk, butter or bread, with these products”, he explained.