Argentina – Senasa confirmed that there is no labeling for GM wheat flour

Once the commercialization and the “mixture” with conventional flour is known, it remains to know which are the wheat by-products elaborated with transgenic. This information request was sent by ERA Verde to the National Agri-Food Health and Quality Service, which replied that “there are no regulations on labeling of GMOs in food, neither in Senasa nor in other agencies in Argentina”, it was stated.

Through the Press area, the General Coordinator of Biotechnology of the Directorate of Strategy and Risk Analysis, Andrés Ignacio Maggi, explained that “this is based on the fact that prior to the commercialization of any GMO for food, an evaluation is carried out in Senasa regarding its food suitability, so that they are considered as safe and not less nutritious than non-GMO products”.

The consumption of HB4 wheat flour, as that of any GMO food, for the time being, will remain an enigma in Argentina.