Article – Transition of nutritional labeling in Mexico. Factors that hinder its effectiveness that hinder its effectiveness in young university students

The objective of the essay is to analyze the transition of nutritional labeling in Mexico and the factors that hinder its effectiveness in the university population. In recent years, there has been a need to have a labeling system that is easy to understand and that promotes the choice of healthy food products. Previously, GDA labels are implemented between the Mexican government and the processed food industry; however, it lacked scientific support and required mathematical calculations or advanced knowledge about nutrition in order to be interpreted. With the pressure of civil groups and in the context of obesity in Mexico, there was a transition from labeling in 2020 to Warning Seals, successfully implemented in South American and European countries, with the purpose of easily communicating excessive content of critical nutrients, however, controversies have arisen in this regard. On the other hand, there are limitations in the effectiveness of labeling, such as attitudes towards a healthy diet, knowledge about nutrition and lack of understanding.