Colombia – Amendment to the Resolution on front-of-food labeling: Use of octagons for excess critical nutrients

The Ministry of Health published Resolution No 2492 regulating the provisions of (Law No 2120 – Measures to promote healthy food environments and prevent non-communicable diseases) in a definitive way the front labeling for packaged food for human consumption and processed and ultra-processed food products marketed in the country.
The resolution confirms that the front labeling, upon recommendation of the University of Antioquia, will be octagonal in shape, black in color, with a white border and located in the upper third of the main display panel with the word ‘Excess’.
The provisions established in the Resolution apply to all foods for human consumption, national and imported that are marketed in the national territory, except for some foods with nutritional labeling, such as infant formulas for children between 0 and 12 months, foods for special medical purposes (APMES); herbal and fruit infusions, decaffeinated and instant tea, among other foods.
As of June 16, 2023, the front warning seal must be placed on the lid for returnable containers that cannot be labeled on the front face, or with an adhesive or on the secondary packaging,” states the resolution.