Chile – Ministry of Health presents updated Dietary Guidelines for Chile

The Ministry of Health presented the update of the Dietary Guidelines for Chile, whose last version was in 2013, and which now delivers 10 new dietary guidance messages for the Chilean population with the aim of achieving wellbeing in people’s health. The instrument also promotes territorial identity, the gender perspective and the economic and environmental sustainability of food policy.

Paraguay – Technical regulations on authorization and registration requirements for foods of plant origin

Decree 753 of the National Plant and Seed Quality and Health Service (SENAVE) of Paraguay established technical regulations on the authorization and registration requirements for foods and by-products of plant origin, effective as of 31 March 2023. The main contents include:

(1) This technical regulation is intended to guarantee the quality and safety of warehouse enterprises used to store food and by-products of plant origin by authorizing and registering them, and applies to domestically produced and imported products

El Salvador – RTS 67.07.01:22 Mixture of cream with edible vegetable oil or fat. Specifications

The Salvadoran Technical Regulatory Agency (OSARTEC in Spanish), has published in national newspapers, social networks and website, the notice of national public consultation regarding the RTS 67.07.01:22 CREAM MIXED WITH OIL OR EDIBLE VEGETABLE VEGETABLE FAT. SPECIFICATIONS, in compliance with the process of elaboration of technical regulations and with the purpose that all interested persons know the draft of the mentioned RTS and send their comments or observations to this Agency.

The purpose of this important instrument is to establish the requirements for safety, quality and specifications to be met by the mixture of cream with edible vegetable oil or fat; this RTS applies to any natural or legal person established in the national territory, which is engaged in the production, marketing and importation of cream mixture with edible vegetable oil or fat. It is important to mention that milk cream substitutes in powder form are excluded from the scope of application.