Colombia: Draft amendment to Resolution 810 on front-of-package warning labels

The Ministry of Health published the draft resolution that modifies Resolution 810 of 2021, which establishes the nutritional and front labeling requirements that must be met by packaged foods for human consumption in Colombia.

The Ministry of Health, in order to comply with the requirements of Article 5 of Law 2120 of 2021, delegated a study developed by the University of Antioquia through an experimental study that analyzed all relevant variables in this type of labeling and showed that the text “EXCESS IN” is the one that best suits the needs invoked by public health, therefore, it was decided to adopt the methodology of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) to define the foods to be included and the levels to be included in the front labeling.

The Ministry of Health also emphasizes that this model has inclusion criteria for critical nutrients (free sugars, sodium, saturated fats, total fats and trans fatty acids) based on the nutrient intake targets for the general population established by the WHO to prevent obesity and non-communicable diseases.

Likewise, the portfolio specified that those companies that have already included the circular seal on their products will have six months to use up the existing labels. “If after this time they still have labels with the initial provisions, they may authorize the exhaustion before the Invima,” said MinSalud.
In the bill that has already been published for comments, the labels appear as follows:

It will be 15 days in national consultation and then must receive concept of the Ministry of Commerce, to be submitted to international consultation for a period of 60 days, said the current Minister of Health Fernando Ruiz. It is expected that by December the final decree will be issued to modify Resolution 810 with the octagonal labeling, so it will be the government of Gustavo Petro, headed by Minister Carolina Corcho, that will adopt the regulation.