Brazil – ANVISA publishes a question and answer guide on the recall of non-compliant food products

The purpose of the food recall procedure is to withdraw from the market batches of products that represent a risk or damage to the consumer’s health, immediately after knowledge of this need.
Within the framework of Good Manufacturing Practices, the company responsible for the product and the other companies in the production chain must implement control measures and an adequate methodology to evaluate deviations in order to intervene when necessary, with a view to ensuring food fit for human consumption.
Resolution RDC No. 655, dated March 30, 2022, establishes the criteria and procedures for the collection of food and for communication to Anvisa and consumers. There are two types of planned collection, voluntary collection and determined collection.
Voluntary collection is initiated by the company responsible for the product, providing greater agility for immediate and efficient withdrawal from the consumer market, considering the quality control measures adopted by the company.