Argentina: Ultra-pasteurized cream of milk incorporated into the Food Code

Joint Resolution 3/2022 includes Article 585 bis to the Argentine Food Code (CAA), which will be worded as follows: “Article 585 bis: The name Ultrapasteurized Milk Cream means the dairy product relatively rich in fat, separated from milk by technologically appropriate procedures, which takes the form of an emulsion of fat in water. It must be subjected for at least 2 seconds to a minimum temperature of 138°C, or any equivalent time-temperature combination, by a continuous flow thermal process, immediately cooled to less than 5°C and packed in suitable hermetically sealed containers.

Ultra-pasteurized milk cream is classified -according to its fat content and according to item 5 of this article- into:

(a) Low-fat cream, or Light cream or Semi-cream.

b) Cream.

c) High fat cream.