Article – Mexico: Impact of purchasing behavior in food with front-of-pack warning signs

Given the abundance of food products high in critical nutrients, front-of-pack warning signs were implemented in them with the objective of providing information to the consumer that helps them choose healthy foods. Objective:To describe the published findings on the results of front-of-pack warning signs of prepackaged foods in the purchasing behavior of the Latin American population from a systematic review of scientific production. Material and method:Systematic review according to PRISMA recommendations, search carried out in EBSCO, REDALYC, Scielo and Siicyt databases. Results:We identified and consulted 32 studies, 9 of which were included for providing results on the impact of front-of-pack warning signs. Conclusions:The warning signs in frontal labeling had a positive effect on the choice of healthy foods, with variable results in the dimensions of purchase and consumption. Locally representative studies are needed to identify the most effective labeling format for each population. The implementation of warning signs as public health policy should be accompanied by a framework of strategies that improve access to healthy food and education for the general population.