Articles – Brazil: Changes brought about by the new nutrition labeling of packaged foods: a review

Nutrition labeling of packaged foods is essential to promote public health, proper and healthy eating, and to combat obesity and chronic non-communicable diseases. Despite this, the information used on food labels can be difficult for consumers to understand, raising doubts about their healthfulness. In this context, it is necessary to use information that is easy to understand for laymen, such as front-of-package nutrition labeling, used in more than 40 countries and approved in Brazil through Resolution RDC No. 429/2020 (nutrition labeling of packaged foods) and Normative Instruction No. 75/2020 (technical requirements for the declaration of nutrition labeling of packaged foods). In view of the above, the objective of the present review was to compare the new legislation for nutrition labeling of packaged foods and the repealed resolutions, focusing on changes in the table of nutrition information, nutrition claims and the introduction of front nutrition labeling on food labels.