The Americas – Peru: Modified requirements of the Milk and Dairy Products Regulation

The Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (MIDAGRI in Spanish) approved amendments to the Regulation of Milk and Dairy Products, changing terms in the dairy industry, through Supreme Decree N°004-2022-MIDAGRI.

Articles 2, 14, 31.4 of Article 31, Article 32, Article 38, 59.3 of Article 59 are amended.

“Article 2. Definitions

2.1 For the implementation of this regulation, the following provisions shall apply:

CODEX STAN 206-1999 General standard for the use of dairy terms.

CODEX STAN 207-1999 Standard for milk powders and cream powders.

FDA (21 CFR 131.130) Requirements for standardized milk and cream.

CODEX STAN 283-1978 General Standard for Cheese.


CODEX STAN 243-2003 Standard for fermented milk.

NTP 202.195 MILK AND MILK PRODUCTS. Fresh cheese. Requirements.

NTP 202. 092 MILK AND MILK PRODUCTS. Fermented milk. Yogurt. Yoghurt. Requirements.

2.2 Particularly, for the purposes of these Regulations, the following definitions shall apply:

MILK: The normal mammary secretion of healthy dairy animals, obtained by one or more milkings, without any kind of addition or extraction, intended for consumption in the form of liquid milk or for further processing.

DAIRY PRODUCT: A product obtained by any processing of milk, which may contain food additives and other ingredients functionally necessary for processing.

EVAPORATED MILK: It is the liquid food obtained by the partial elimination of water only from milk.”