Articles – Uruguay: Consumer perspectives on the inclusion of nutritional warnings in retail food establishments

The present work aimed to assess Uruguayan consumers support of the inclusion of nutritional warnings on four types of retail food establishments and to obtain consumer insights on how the warnings could be implemented in such establishments. For this purpose, an online survey was conducted with a non-probabilistic sample of 547 participants recruited via an advertisement on social media. Participants were requested to indicate their degree of agreement with the implementation of nutritional warnings in bakeries, delicatessens, fast-food restaurants and while ordering food online, and to provide ideas on how to include this information for each establishment. Results suggested that the inclusion of nutritional warnings in retail food establishments was positively perceived by participants. Participants highlighted that warnings should be highly visible to customers while making purchase decisions, so they become a relevant cue for making food choices. In particular, the retail display case and menu boards were identified as key locations for warnings in bakeries, delicatessen, and fast food restaurants, respectively. These results contribute valuable insights on how to implement the extension of nutritional warnings to unpackaged foods or foods made and packaged at the point of purchase.