The Americas – Argentina: Authorities remain tight-lipped on content of front-of-package food labeling regulation

Sources from the Ministry of Health assure that the draft is “in the final agreement stage” with the institutions “that participate in the development stage as well as in the subsequent implementation stage”. They do not specify when the final text will be known.

The Ministry of Health confirms that the regulation has been developed under an inter-sectorial agenda with all the actors involved; ministries and public bodies, civil society organizations, representatives of the industry chambers. All voices have been heard in order to carry out a responsible and comprehensive regulation, which allows the correct implementation of a public policy that promotes healthy habits and access to information in a clear and timely manner”.

Among the aspects that remain to be defined, an important one is the calorie seal. On this there is information, although incomplete: “The enforcement authority defined that in food and alcoholic beverages the application of the seal ‘excess calories’ will apply if they have at least one seal of excess sugars and/or total fat and/or saturated fat and when the energy value limits are equal to or greater than those established in Article 6” of the Law on Front Labeling.