The Americas – Argentina: Ministry of Health initiates the calls for the regulation of the Labeling Law

In the coming days, the Minister of Health Carla Vizzotti will convene the chambers of the food industry to advance in the regulation of the Front Labeling law, incorporating the black octagons that warn about excess sugars, partner, fat or calories to the front of many food products. Although the law is based on criteria of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), the companies resisted it until the last moment and now await the final details of the regulations.

The Americas – Uruguay: MSP identifies products that do not comply with frontal food labeling

The Ministry of Public Health (MSP) determined in a survey that 307 products did not have frontal food labeling, since the inspection began under Decree 272/018 of the Executive Power. Cookies and cookies presented a 47% non-compliance, with the nutritional composition data at the base. Of the products that did not present octagons, and depending on the category of products audited, between 29% and 62% were not in the nutritional composition database.

The Americas – Brazil: MAPA publishes public consultation of the draft technical regulation on the identity and quality of ham

The objective of the project is to approve, in the form of this Ordinance, the Technical Regulation of Identity and Quality of Ham. The proposal contains general definitions and the requirements on ingredients for its manufacture.

The Americas – Brazil: ANVISA authorizes new food additives

This Resolution authorizes (RDC Nº 588) the use of food additives and technology adjuvants in several food categories.

The authorization for the use of the steviol glycosides food additive, INS 960, provided for in subcategories 14.1 and 14.2.1 of Annex I of RDC Resolution No. 239, of 2018, in the role of sweetener, enters into force as Annex I of this Resolution.

The Americas -Argentina: New Resolution on wine labeling requirements

The National Institute of Viticulture issued Resolution 26/2021 by which it establishes conditions for the labeling of wines.

The labels used in fractioned vitivinicultural products must be registered with the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF VITIVINICULTURA (INV in Spanish) prior to their circulation.

Labels printed prior to this standard that do not meet the conditions established in this resolution, may only be used with prior authorization from this Agency, within the terms that it determines.