Around the World – Portugal: Nutri-Score is the most effective logo for nutritional quality reporting

A study carried out in the Portuguese population, and published in the scientific journal Nutrients, on the 30th of November 2021, concluded that the Nutri-Score, nutritional logo of color on the front of the packaging, is the most effective scheme to inform about the food quality nutrition and help to identify more healthy options when it’s time to go to the supermarket. The studio involved 1059 participants, who were asked to order three types of products (pizzas, pastries and cereals for breakfast) according to their nutritional relevance. First, without label, and with five nutritional regimens. The results showed that the selections progressed in their presence. The Nutri-Score achieves the best performance, helping to list foods nutritionally in the correct order.

For further information, you can access the original source (in Portuguese), click on the Link