Around the World – Italy: Presentation of the “Nutrinform Battery” food labelling system, the Italian alternative to the “Nutriscore” traffic-light system

The “Nutrinform Battery” nutritional labelling system will be presented in the Farnesina’s Conference Hall at 10:30 on 15 February 2022. The Nutrinform Battery system has been proposed by Italy as part of the negotiations to harmonise the European Union’s food labelling system.

Nutrinform Battery is the food labelling system supported by Italy in the EU negotiations as an alternative to the Nutriscore traffic-light system. Nutrinform is a non-discriminatory system based on objective, manipulation-proof data. The information is used to measure the nutritional value of people’s overall diet, rather than different categories of food. This makes it an important tool to encourage more informed choices by consumers and more responsible behaviour by producers. It also respects the unique features of the Mediterranean Diet, which enjoys UNESCO Intangible World Heritage status, and traditional diets.