Mexico – Proposal in the Chamber of Deputies that sugar-sweetened beverages should warn that excessive consumption can cause obesity and diabetes

Congressman Alcántara Martínez (PT) is promoting an initiative to reform the General Health Law.

Congressman Leobardo Alcántara Martínez (PT) is promoting an amendment to the General Health Law to establish that the labeling of sugary drinks in excess must include a legend warning about the harmful effects caused by their excessive consumption, such as obesity and diabetes.

The initiative that amends Articles 212 and 215 of said legal norm, submitted to the Health Commission for its opinion and to the Economy, Commerce and Competitiveness Commission for its opinion, also proposes that the front labeling of food and non-alcoholic beverages should warn about the ailments associated with the consumption of these products.

In the explanatory memorandum, it recognizes that, in spite of the institutional efforts of the Mexican State to combat the overweight and obesity epidemic, “the data are still alarming”. The National Health and Nutrition Survey (ENSANUT) 2018-2019 points out that overweight and obesity continue to be a problem that is highly present in all age groups and regions of the country, as well as in urban and rural areas.