Argentina – Amendment on honey labeling published in the Food Code

The Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries and Secretariat of Quality in Health publish JointResolución Conjunta 14/2023.

ARTICLE 1.- Article 783 tris is incorporated into the Argentine Food Code, which will read as follows: “Article 783 tris: The possibility of consigning characteristic attributes of the products is reserved for honey and yacht honey products on their labels. same as described in this Code. Sugary products, with the exception of confectionery products, that do not meet the regulatory specifications for honey and yacht honey may not include descriptions or pictorial representations of bees -or similar insects-, beehives, honeycombs, flowers, on the label. or own elements related to the beekeeping activity. Nor may they mention or highlight the term honey or any particular property linked to it or to the composition of any other of its ingredients, either through graphic representations and/or optional legends.”