Canada – Policy update on restricting food advertising primarily directed at children

Health Canada intends to amend the Food and Drug Regulations to restrict advertising to children of foods that contribute to excess intakes of sodium, sugars and saturated fat, as noted in our Forward Regulatory Plan. This is a part of our Healthy Eating Strategy and commitment to protecting children’s health.

Between 2016 and 2019, we consulted extensively on a policy proposal to restrict food advertising in different settings and media. We are now proposing a targeted approach to introducing restrictions, focusing on television and digital media first.

These restrictions aim to reduce children’s risk of developing overweight, obesity and diet-related chronic diseases, now and later in life. They support this objective by limiting children’s exposure to influential food advertising in media where children spend much of their time and are highly exposed to food advertising. Along with other Healthy Eating Strategy initiatives, this would support healthy food environments, which in turn contribute to healthy eating behaviours.

Health Canada is seeking your feedback on this policy update until June 12, 2023