Argentina – Incorporation of the processes, technology and requirements of Family Farming into the Argentine Food Code

The public consultation of the National Food Commission (CONAL in Spanish) for the project “Incorporation to the Argentine Food Code (CAA in Spanish) of the processes, technology and requirements of Family Farming” is in force.

The proposal, agreed by the ad hoc Working Group of CONAL “Family Farming” in which the National Service of Agri-Food Health and Quality (SENASA in Spanish) participates, was presented at a meeting held today, intended as a preliminary instance to the next call to the Commission of Family Farming (SENAF in Spanish).

The coordinator of Family Agriculture of SENASA, Lucía González Espinoza, explained that “the draft regulation involves the inclusion of a new chapter in the Argentine Food Code called: Technologies, processes and foods of family agri-food production and traditional production, which defines and characterizes this type of food, determines considerations for its approval and establishes a framework for adapting the requirements of the Code, according to the production processes”.