Argentina – Draft of MERCOSUR Technical Regulation on Silicones for the Manufacture of Materials, Containers Coatings and Equipment in Contact with Foodstuffs

The Draft MERCOSUR Technical Regulation applies to silicones used in materials, packaging, coatings and equipment for and equipment intended to come into contact to come into contact with food. Exceptions are coatings for cellulosic materials cellulosic materials, which must comply with the specific MERCOSUR Technical Regulation. Technical Regulations.
The Project establishes that the materials, containers, rev and equipment made of silicone intended to equipment destined to come into contact with food must be manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Good Manufacturing Practices and be compatible with the food with which they will be in contact and not contact and shall not transfer undesirable substances or contaminants to the food. undesirable substances or contaminants in quantities that may modify the composition of the food and/or its sensory characteristics, or that represent a or that represent a risk to human health.