Mexico – Published Decree amending several provisions of the Regulations for the Sanitary Control of Products and Services and the Regulations of the General Health Law on Advertising

Articles 2, section VIII Bis; 9, section IV; 13; 15; 25, section VI and second paragraph; 25 Bis, and 160, section II are AMENDED; Articles 2, with sections VIII Bis 1; VIII Bis 2; XI Bis 1; 11 Bis; 25, with a last paragraph, are ADDED; 25 Bis 1; 25 Bis 2; 25 Bis 3 and 25 Bis 4, and repealing section IX Bis of article 2, the third and fourth paragraphs of article 25 and the second paragraph of article 210 of the Regulation of Sanitary Control of Products and Services.

The decree adds Article 25 bis to the Regulation on Sanitary Control of Products and Services. It now establishes that: “The labeling of prepackaged food and non-alcoholic beverages (…) must include the front labeling system as established by the corresponding standard and must not use any other”.

Articles 22 Bis; 79, section X and 80, sections VI and VII are AMENDED; Articles 6, with section I Bis; 24 Bis and 80, with section VIII, are ADDED; and section VI of Article 86 of the Regulation of the General Health Law on Advertising is ABOLISHED.

The amendment to Article 22 bis establishes that the advertising of food and non-alcoholic beverages will be subject to permit by the Ministry of Health when the label of the products includes the front labeling system.