Honduras – Central America seeks to tackle malnutrition with front warning labels

According to data from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), about 44% of annual deaths in the Americas, around 3.1 million people, are caused by arterial hypertension, fasting hyperglycemia, obesity and overweight.

According to the specialized agency, poor nutrition is largely due to the widespread availability and marketing of processed and ultra-processed foods and beverages, all of which contain excessive sugars, fats and sodium.

In this context, and as a measure to reduce public health problems associated with non-communicable diseases, more governments in the region are implementing laws and regulations aimed at reducing the demand and supply of products containing excessive amounts of critical nutrients, as sugars, fats and sodium are classified.

At the regional level, the authorities of Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama and the Dominican Republic have shown their interest in promoting legislation related to Front-of-Line Nutrition Labeling.