Argentina – Establish advertising provisions for food and beverages with octagonal warning labels

By means of Provision 6924/2022 the National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT in Spanish), approved the specific rules to be complied with by all advertising, promotion and/or sponsorship of packaged food and alcoholic beverages containing at least one (1) warning seal (including in these the precautionary legends on sweeteners and/or caffeine) disseminated in traditional and digital media.

Annex 1

It is forbidden to advertise, promote and/or sponsor food and beverage It is forbidden to advertise, promote and/or sponsor packaged food and beverages aimed especially at children and adolescents. Advertising, promotion and/or sponsorship aimed at children and adolescents shall be considered to be adolescents when in the communication there are elements that are of interest and appeal to them. of interest and attraction for children and adolescents.