Peru – Clarification on food additive sanitary authorization applications

The General Directorate of Environmental Health (DIGESA in Spanish) issued the COMMUNICATION N°16-2022-DIGESA/MINSA on Clarification on applications for sanitary authorizations of food additives.

  1. Directorial Resolution No. 0067-2022/DIGESA/SA of May 17, 2022 annulled Directorial Resolution No. 0775-2003/DIGESA-SAF, which approved the Manual of Procedures for Sanitary Authorization of Food Additives.
  2. In this regard, it is brought to the attention of those concerned that Export Certificates may be requested to this health authority through the digital desk of the Ministry of Health (, in accordance with their right to request1.
  3. It should be noted that, according to the current legal framework, Peru does not require Sanitary Authorizations for Food Additives for the importation of industrialized foods.