Argentina – Amendment to allow to include in the labeling of bread: Artisanal Bread

Article 725 tris is hereby incorporated into the Argentine Food Code (AAC) and shall be worded as follows: “Article 725 tris: The label of the different types of bread defined in this Chapter may include the legend “Bread… of Artisan Production”, indicating the name of the bread in question, provided that they comply with the following requirements:
a. That the elaboration is carried out preferably by means of manual processes; or by minimally mechanized, semi-automatic processes; and always under the control of an operator.

b. The production system shall be discontinuous and daily production.

c. If yeast is included, it must be wet yeast and in accordance with the definition in Article 1256 of this Code.

d. The fermentation process shall not be automated and if fermentation chambers are used, they shall be handled by an operator. The fermentation process must be discontinuous with a minimum time of 2 hours.