Argentina: Authorities set date for the implementation of front-of-package warning label

As from August 20, supermarkets and large chains will have to display on their shelves products with their respective black front labels to warn consumers if the product in question has excess sugars, total fat, saturated fat, calories and sodium within the framework of Law 27,642 on Front Labeling, published in the Official Gazette in November 2021.

The Ministry of Health reported that 35% of the 2,658 extension requests for the implementation of the labels were approved. The main items that were submitted are candies, jams, jellies, jams and jams (21.62%); bakery products and cookies (15%); sausages and canned meats (14.45%); dairy products (11.27%); alcoholic beverages (10.63%); processed fruits and vegetables (7.39%). Also cereals and pastas (6.55%); sauces and dressings (5.19%); desserts and powders for preparations (2.96%); snacks (2.16%); ice cream (1.09%); soups and broths (1.02%); coffee and tea (0.67%).