Brazil: Public Consultation – Proposal for a Mercosur Technical Regulation on the use of starch in very high moisture cheeses

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply of Brazil published in the Official Gazette SDA Regulation No. 577, the technical regulation draft on the starch addition to cheese.

The main content of the draft regulation is: it is proposed to allow starch and modified starch to be used as raw materials in cheese with water content greater than or equal to 55g/100g, and the maximum amount of final product is 1% (mass fraction). The regulation, which applies to domestic and imported Brazilian products, will be open for comment for 60 days.

Brazil: Public Consultation – Proposal for a Mercosur Technical Regulation on Identity and Quality of UHT Milk

The Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture issued Regulation No. 576, proposing to establish characteristics and quality standards for UHT (Ultra-high Temperature) sterilized milk. The feedback period is 60 days. The main contents are as follows:

(1) Determined the characteristics and minimum quality characteristics that UHT sterilized milk must conform to;

(2) UHT sterilized milk means milk homogenized and packaged under aseptic conditions after heat treatment at 135℃ for 10 seconds, or up to 150℃ for 2 seconds, or equivalent combination of temperature and time.

Brazil: Anvisa Webinar on products containing whole grains

The National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) will hold, on Thursday (06/09), from 10 am, a webinar to present the health requirements for products containing whole grains, in accordance with the Resolution of the Collegiate Council (RDC) 493/2021.

Published in 2021, the standard came into force in April this year and brought adaptation deadlines for the food sector to organize and comply with the regulation. Click here for more information on the topic.

During the webinar, participants will be able to clarify doubts on the subject. To attend the webinar, simply click on the link below on the scheduled day and time. No prior registration is required.

Colombia: Authorities acknowledge that the front‐of‐pack nutrition labelling model will not be ready on schedule

In the middle of the political control debate to the Minister of Health, Fernando Ruiz, he accepted that it is impossible that the labeling on junk food packages will be ready before December 7 or 16.

This means that the Government would not comply with the law, which regulated that by August 1 of this year the front seals should be implemented on the packages.

“The objective is that before December 17, when Resolution 810 comes into force, we will have this modification. Before, I have to say it clearly, calmly and honestly, it is impossible”, assured Minister Ruiz.

Article – Mexico: Evaluating adults’ perception and understanding of Mexican nutritional warning labeling through an online survey

Objective: To evaluate the perception and understanding of the new Mexican nutrition warning labeling (EAN in Spanish) through an online survey of Mexican adults.
Conclusions: The incorporation of the EAN could change the preference towards healthier products, however, nutritional understanding is still nutritional understanding is still deficient, evidenced by the inability of participants to correctly participants’ inability to correctly identify the critical critical nutrients in excess in a product with the “2 seals” legend, and therefore “2 seals”, so the “n seals” legend on products with a small display area may not be small display area may not be sufficient to make an informed to make an informed purchasing decision.