Spain – Government approves law against food waste for parliamentary approval

The Council of Ministers today approved the draft Law on the Prevention of Food Loss and Waste, the first regulation on this subject to be enacted in Spain, with the aim of reducing the disposal of unconsumed food in the trash and promoting better use of food. During 2020, Spanish households threw away 1,364 million kilos/liters of food, an average of 31 kilos/liters per person.

The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas, has drawn attention to these data, which represent the loss of 250 euros per person. The law aims to “regulate and raise awareness” and “responds to a social need”, he stressed. On the one hand, it “regulates the preferential use of food for human consumption”, favoring donation, and on the other it tries to “make society aware of the need to reduce food wastage”.