Article/Brazil – Analysis of labeling of brands of whey protein powder supplements (WheyProtein) according to RDC N° 18, april 27, 2010

The industry of dietary supplements has increased in recent years, mainly add-ons to the base protein powder, are widely used by practitioners of bodybuilding, interested in the gain of muscle mass. In this way, to prevent the indiscriminate consumption of protein supplements by practitioners of physical activity, the present study aimed to evaluate the labels of whey protein ` whey protein sold in the shops of Fortaleza – CE, according to the standards RDC n° 18, 27 April 2010. This is a quantitative study, exploratory and descriptive, where there has been a review of different brands of protein supplements whey. The samples were selected according to the indication of protein supplements, being analyzed in accordance with availability of shops, the municipality of Fortaleza – CE. Were evaluated 20 brands, of these, only 80% were in compliance with the legislation, while 20% were in disagreement. With regard to the non- conformities highlighted the lack of information, ` The expressions: anabolic, muscle hypertrophy in 20% of the labels, and the description `Images, and or expressions regarding weight loss, muscle mass gain 10% were in disagreement. As the Addition of fibers 75 % were in disagreement with the legislation. With this, we highlight the need of continuous surveillance and effective of the labels of supplements for athletes and practitioners of physical activity, with a guarantee that consumers have access to trusted information about the product. It is concluded that a large part of the labels of protein supplements for athletes had some type of inadequacy in accordance with the proposed objective.