Argentina – Amendment to the Argentine Food Code on Dairy Drinks

The Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries and the Secretariat of Quality in Health, by means of Joint Resolution 6/2023, published an amendment to the Argentine Food Code on the Joint Resolution 6/2023 published in the Argentine Food Code an amendment to the Standards for Dairy Beverages.

Amend the definition of Article 578bis of Dairy Beverages in Chapter VIII “Dairy Products” of the Argentine Food Code: Products obtained from milk, reconstituted milk, fermented milk, other dairy derivatives, with or without addition Add other substances, in which the content of dairy-derived ingredients is at least 51% of the total product ingredients; beverages with fermented milk are not dairy beverages; specific microorganisms in fermented milk beverages or fermented milk beverages added with probiotics must be present in the final product and It remains alive and active during its shelf life.