Brazil – MAPA approves new ham quality and identity standards

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAPA in Portuguese) published Ordinance No. 765 approving the new Technical Regulations of Identity and Quality (RTIQ in Portuguese) for cooked ham, superior cooked ham, tender cooked ham and poultry stew.

The new standards apply to the types of cooked ham that are produced and seek to give identity to the products, guarantee their safety and innocuousness, as well as standardize understandings and meet the requirements of the production sector.

Among the improvements is the definition of 25% as the maximum limit of collagen present in relation to the total protein of the final product in order to maintain the quality of the meat raw materials used, as well as the characteristics of the product. For cooked poultry ham, the amount of collagen in relation to total protein must be a maximum of 10%.