Mexico – In the Senate, a bill is proposed to amend the General Health Law to include GMO labeling on food and beverages

In the Plenary Session of the Senate of the Republic, legislator Ana Lilia Rivera presented the initiative to reform articles 212 and 215 of the General Health Law, in order to incorporate in the content of the front warning labeling of food and non-alcoholic beverages, the indication of those products that contain components or ingredients derived from genetically modified organisms.

The Senator argued that the traditional forms of production, marketing and consumption of native corn, which are part of Mexico’s food and cultural heritage, have been gradually displaced to make way for large-scale industrial agricultural production systems, based on the use of genetically modified seeds to make plants resistant to pests and tolerate herbicides, such as glyphosate, producing foods that, even when processed, contain this type of highly dangerous agrochemicals.