Colombia – Exhaustion of labels according to Resolution 2492 of 2022

Through resolution 810 of June 16, 2021, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection established the nutritional and front labeling requirements that canned or packaged foods for human consumption must comply with, defining the shape, color, size, maximum values, location, legend, proportions and dimensions that must be contained.

After this, by means of resolution 2492 of December 13, 2022, some articles were modified and as a result of different work tables, in order to process the exhaustion of labels before the National Institute of. Surveillance of Medicines and. Food (INVIMA in Spanish) modifying article 37, the entity released the guidelines for the presentation, evaluation and authorization of label stock depletion and use of complementary labels.

INVIMA reminds that the process of label exhaustion according to resolution 2492 of 2022 can only be done until February 28th.