Brazil – New food labeling requirements go into effect in 5 days

There are only 5 days left for the new food labeling rules to come into force. Food companies should take into account the adequacy schedule.

Established by Resolution of the Collegiate Council of Administration – DRC No. 429 and Normative Instruction No. 75, published in October 2020, the new labeling aims to improve the clarity and legibility of food labels and, thus, help the consumer to make more conscious food choices. .

As of October 9, 2022, products to be launched on the market will already have to have labels appropriate to the new rules. For products already on the market, there are different adaptation deadlines (see timeline below). Among the main changes is the adoption of front-of-line nutrition labeling, as well as changes in the table of nutrition information and claims.

Adequacy period

October 9, 2022
New products entering the market after 10/09/22

October 9, 2023
General foods already on the market

October 9, 2024
Food produced by a family farmer or rural family entrepreneur, solidarity economic enterprise, individual micro-entrepreneur, small agro-industry, artisanal agro-industry and food produced in an artisanal manner.

October 9, 2025
Non-alcoholic beverages in returnable containers, observing the gradual process of label replacement.