Article – Brazil: Evaluation of the labeling and nutritional profile of processed foods intended for children

The offer of processed foods, especially the ultra-processed, is not recommended in the first years of life, since the consumption of these foods is associated with anemia, overweight and food allergies. The objective of this study was to evaluate the compliance of labels of processed foods intended for children with the Brazilian legislation in force and to analyze the levels of sodium, free sugars, sweeteners and total, saturated and trans fats described on the label. The nutrients were evaluated based on the PAHO Nutritional Profile Model. The results of the evaluation showed that the labels showed some non-compliance with the standards required by current legislation on food labeling.

The Americas – Costa Rica: New Procedures for the simplified sanitary registration of low-risk processed foods

The new Decree No. 43291-S establishes the procedure for simplified sanitary registration by notification, sanitary registration, registration acknowledgments, raw materials, control and surveillance of processed foods and low-risk cosmetics.

It is excluded in its scope of application:

  • Food products that despite being considered low risk present some nutritional descriptor.
  • Products specifically aimed at a population under 3 years of age.
  • Energy drinks and food supplements
  • Food or raw material containing any extract of the cannabis plant.