Colombia – Council of State urges Ministry of Health to regulate Law 2120 on healthy food environments

The Council of State warned of the existence of an imperative and unobjectionable mandate, in the head of the Ministry of Health, to regulate the technical parameters of the front labeling which incorporates a warning seal that all edible or drinkable products classified according to the level of processing with excessive amount of critical nutrients established by this portfolio must have, for which it must be based on the best scientific evidence available and free of conflict of interest, which may take into account that provided by the WHO.

“Council of State. Contentious-Administrative Chamber. Fifth Section. “According to the Ministry’s statement, which accepts and complements the Court’s decision, the duty to regulate is seen to have been fulfilled by: (i) the issuance of Resolution 810 of July 16, 2021; (ii) the steps taken to review and modify said resolution in consideration of the new guidelines contained in Law 2120 of 2021 and”……

The Americas – Colombia: Social organizations request the Ministry of Health to implement Law 2021 on healthy eating

With almost 10,000 signatures collected, the Sweet Poison campaign presented a petition to the Ministry of Health requesting the acceleration of the implementation of Law 2120.
The 2021 Law aims to provide adequate information (Article 5) to consumers on products high in sugar, sodium, calories, fat and other components of ultra-processed foods so that they can make an informed decision.
This information must be presented in black octagonal seals on the front of the product with a specific space, as approved in the law. The Ministry of Health must issue the corresponding resolution for the production companies to design the new packages of this type of food.
However, before the law was approved, the Ministry of Health issued Resolution 810 of 2021, which established a regulation on the seals (Article 32), different from the one approved in the law, which at the time was denounced by the promoters of front labeling as a trap to the norm. Now, the portfolio would pretend to enforce that resolution, instead of the law.

Resolution 810