Chapter: Food regulation around the world

Against the background of global harmonization through scientific consensus, this chapter provides an inventory of approaches to the regulation of food and related issues in a variety of jurisdictions around the world. To each jurisdiction, a separate section is dedicated. Each section has been written by an author well versed in the jurisdiction at issue. The sections can be read as independent texts.

The Americas – Brazil: The main changes expected in food regulation in 2022

In both 2020 and 2021, there have been important changes and developments at the regulatory level for food and dietary supplements. Now, what other changes can we expect in 2022?

  • As of October 2022, frontal nutritional labeling must begin to be implemented in Brazil, in addition to changes in the nutritional table. The main challenge is to harmonize the nutritional labeling of the Mercosur bloc, of which Brazil is a part.

  • Another relevant issue, from which we can expect changes in 2022, refers to the area of food additives. The Mercosur bloc, which has been reviewing the harmonized regulation of food additives for years, is expected to reach an agreement and could make the update next year.