The Americas – Paraguay: Draft Resolution on food additives

The National Institute of Food and Nutrition (INAN in Spanish) published the Draft Resolution of the Common Market Group on Modification of GMC Resolutions No. 50/97, 08/06, 09/06, 02/08, 63/18 on Food Additives, with the objective of updating food additives and their maximum concentrations.
food additives and their maximum concentrations.

The Americas – Argentina: Food additives: challenges for the domestic industry

“The food additives market. Possibilities of development for the national industry” is a work carried out by the National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI in Spanish), through the Industrial Economics and Prospective Studies Unit belonging to the Institute’s Planning and Commercialization Directorate.

The Americas – Brazil: ANVISA authorizes new food additives

This Resolution authorizes (RDC Nº 588) the use of food additives and technology adjuvants in several food categories.

The authorization for the use of the steviol glycosides food additive, INS 960, provided for in subcategories 14.1 and 14.2.1 of Annex I of RDC Resolution No. 239, of 2018, in the role of sweetener, enters into force as Annex I of this Resolution.