EU: Draft  Commission  Regulation  amending  Annexes  II  to  Regulation  (EC)  No 1333/2008  of  the  European  Parliament  and  of  the  Council  as regards  the use of ascorbic acid (E300), sodium ascorbate (E 301) and calcium ascorbate (E302) in tuna

The proposal sets, in the interest of legal certainty, a maximum level for the use of ascorbic acid (E 300), sodium ascorbate (E 301) and calcium ascorbate (E302) which applies only for tuna in food categories 09.1.1 “Unprocessed fish” and 09.2 “Processed fish and fishery products including molluscs and crustaceans” in Part E of Annex II to Regulation (EC) No 1333/2008. The use of those food additives in tuna intended for canning in high amounts to artificially restore the colour of fresh tuna flesh does not comply with the general conditions for inclusion and use of food additives in the Union list and with the quantum satis principle.