Brazil: Nutrition labeling: new rules take effect in 120 days

The new rules (RDC No. 429 and Normative Instruction No. 75) for food labeling come into force on October 9, 2022. In addition to changes in the table of nutritional information and claims, the novelty will be the adoption of front-of-line nutrition labeling.

Therefore, it is important for companies to be aware of the deadline for compliance. New products launched on or after October 9, 2022 must already have labels suitable for the new rules. For products already on the market to date, the deadlines for adaptation are:

  • Until October 9, 2023 (12 months from the effective date of the rule) for food in general;
  • Until October 9, 2024 (24 months from the effective date of the standard) for foods produced by a family farmer or rural family entrepreneur, solidarity economic enterprise, individual micro-entrepreneur, small agro-industry, artisanal agro-industry and artisanal foods; and
  • Until October 9, 2025 (36 months from the effective date of the standard) for non-alcoholic beverages in returnable containers, observing the gradual process of label replacement. The labeling changes were established by Resolution of the Collegiate Board of Directors – DRC No. 429 and Normative Instruction No. 75, published in October 2020. The objective of the standards is to improve the clarity and legibility of food labels and, thus, help the consumer to make more conscious food choices.

Brazil: Anvisa Webinar on products containing whole grains

The National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) will hold, on Thursday (06/09), from 10 am, a webinar to present the health requirements for products containing whole grains, in accordance with the Resolution of the Collegiate Council (RDC) 493/2021.

Published in 2021, the standard came into force in April this year and brought adaptation deadlines for the food sector to organize and comply with the regulation. Click here for more information on the topic.

During the webinar, participants will be able to clarify doubts on the subject. To attend the webinar, simply click on the link below on the scheduled day and time. No prior registration is required.

Brazil: 2nd workshop on the regulation of food supplements

The National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa in Portuguese), the United States Pharmacopeia (U.S. Pharmacopeia – USP) and the Union of the Pharmaceutical Industry of the State of São Paulo (Sindusfarma) will hold, next week, the 2nd workshop on regulation of dietary supplements. Scheduled for Wednesday (6/1) and Thursday (6/2), starting at 9 am, the event will be held through the Zoom platform.

The meeting will address the regularization of dietary supplements in Brazil, as well as Good Manufacturing Practices and Inspection of irregular products sold online. In addition, the workshop will feature sessions and updates related to probiotics to ensure the quality of dietary supplements.

Brazil: ANVISA changes presentation format on opinions of the food area

The National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA in Portuguese) informs that it will adopt a new format for publication of minutes in the Official Gazette (DOU in Portuguese), in the processes of registration, post-registration and evaluation of the Food area. It should be noted that the change will also include requests for alteration, revalidation and cancellation of these products.

In this regard, it is important to clarify that, as of next Monday (16/5), these publications will only contain essential information for the identification of the request before the Agency: company name/CNPJ, product name, procedure number, registration number, subject of the request and file number.

Brazil: Anvisa will hold a webinar on nutritional claims

Anvisa will hold a webinar next Monday (5/30/05), at 3 p.m., to address nutrition claims, in accordance with Collegiate Council Resolution (RDC) 429/2020 and Normative Instruction (IN) 75/2020. DRC 429/2020 provides for nutrition labeling of packaged foods and IN 75/2020 establishes the technical requirements for the declaration of nutrition labeling of packaged foods.The webinar is a virtual seminar that aims to strengthen Anvisa’s transparency initiatives, bringing updated content and knowledge to the public. The transmission is via webcast and the interaction with users takes place in real time, through a chat during the event. See the Agency’s specific webinars page.