Article – Brazil: Labeling food allergens in the packaged food pyramid groups in Brazil: analysis of descriptions, ambiguities, and risks

Objective: The aim of this study was to evaluate allergenic labeling components of packaged foods for “What is the quality of food labels?” and “What is the group of Brazilian Food Pyramid that ‘May contain’ is predominant?.” Results:

Results: The quality of the label was appropriate, and 69% of packaged foods had at least one allergen. The information “May contain” were higher in cow’s milk (Cereals and Meat & eggs), soy (Soybean & products), and egg protein (Cereals). Soybean & products were the highest insecurity group.


Conclusions: Brazilian health professionals can count on good-quality labeling of packaged products. Consequently, they could promote patients’ and parents/caregivers’ education to consult the labels and manage the risks in processed foods about precautionary allergen labeling. Soybean & products were the most significant insecurity for food choices between Brazilian Pyramid Groups.